TrainSafe Frequently Asked Questions

Safety & Machinery Training across regional New South Wales

Does TrainSafe’s training comply with industry standards and regulations?2023-07-28T09:46:14+10:00

Yes, all our training programs are designed to align with relevant industry standards and regulatory requirements. By choosing TrainSafe, you can be confident that your employees will receive accredited and compliant training, promoting a safer and more compliant workplace.

Can TrainSafe customise training solutions to suit our organisation’s specific needs?2023-07-28T09:45:56+10:00

Absolutely! TrainSafe understands that each organisation is unique, and we offer customisable training solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s adapting existing courses or developing new training programs, we tailor our approach to ensure maximum relevance and impact.

Are TrainSafe’s trainers certified and experienced?2023-07-28T09:45:29+10:00

Yes, all our trainers are highly qualified and experienced professionals with extensive expertise in their respective fields. They bring real-world knowledge to the training sessions, ensuring practical insights and effective learning.

What types of training programs does TrainSafe offer?2023-07-28T09:45:11+10:00

TrainSafe provides a diverse range of training programs, including workplace health and safety courses, first aid training, fire safety, emergency response training, and specialised certifications tailored to various industries.

Where are you located?2023-07-28T09:44:08+10:00

We are located 687 Bowan Park Road, CUDAL, NSW 2864

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