TrainSafe Capabilities

NSW Wide

Trainsafe provides various services to industry all over NSW. Our trainers have extensive knowledge and experience in training in a number of industries. Through their careers they have held positions as managers, trainers, rescue operators and business owners. Having worked both around Australia and off shore they have a wealth of knowledge to share. It is this hands on experience which helps trainers and trainees connect and develop respect so that maximum skills and knowledge are gained by each trainee.

Trainsafe delivers national certification in NSW Safework competencies as well as numerous competencies ranging from Confined space through to fire extinguisher training and manual handling.

Due to the background of our staff we are well placed to develop fire evacuation plans, safety audits as well as risk assessment development of both processes and individual plant in industry.

Our technical writing staff develop documents that are tailored to your exact site requirements. In the case of developing procedure manuals on a plant and machinery system the illustrations and photos are of your plant and machines on your site not a generic over view of similar systems utilised elsewhere. In developing customised manuals for your site we can include any idiosyncrasies that are generally the knowledge of the longest serving employees who have garnered their knowledge through trial and error during their time. By capturing this knowledge, we prevent repetition of mistakes and the saving of hundreds of thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent when these people retire or choose to leave.

Our knowledge of the regulatory compliance requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act and regulations often finds us reducing the amount of paperwork and systems as they have been implemented by well-meaning employees who when in doubt, err on the side of caution and add another layer of documents.

Our focus is on developing skills and maintaining a safe environment which contribute to profit for your business. Our skills development must contribute to the bottom line. This can appear in the form of increased safety, increased production, increased quality, less repairs and maintenance. Our interaction across industry sectors, government departments and manufacturers provides us with the underpinning knowledge to bring your operators up to speed with the latest developments and techniques used in other industries.

We encompass our service delivery with a handshake agreement that we are there for our clients with free advice on any training or regulatory questions that arise.

Our business model is structured so that we have one main trainer per client and the flexibility to call on others with additional expertise in special areas. This provides you with a service provider who knows the individual people by name and also has a fluent knowledge of your corporate procedures and systems that govern the safe operation of your sites.

I hope we have the opportunity to display our services at your site in the future.

Malcolm Mc Donald